Welcome to my NEW website.  Check out the navigation above for various sections of the website.  If you want to see and hear some of my arrangements that are for sale, go to the Store page under the Arranging tab.  Be sure to sign up for my mailing list to get information on new releases and updates to the website.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

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What's New

The new recording is finished and the CD is available for purchase or download.  I am very pleased with how everything came out.  Special thanks to the Bucks County Community College Committee on Cultural Affairs for help funding part of this project.

I've been attending the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop since September of 2018 and as a result I have some new compositions/arrangements for big band.  I'll make them available for download soon.  

I have two new arrangements for big band available on the Store page titled No More, No Less and Fill In The Gap.  The former is a jazz ballad featuring alto saxophone.  It has been recorded and I also got a chance to hear it played by The Water Gap Jazz Orchestra.  They sounded great and were pleased with the chart.  The latter is the first tune on my new CD.  They are based on an assignment given to me by Phil Woods.  Unfortunately, he never got to hear them.  That's what happens when you wait 30 years to do your homework.  No More, No Less and Fill In The Gap are tributes to the master, Phil Woods.


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