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Piano Tuning Service Fees


These prices are general indications of the cost of service. There are many circumstances that can change the actual price in either direction. This is meant to be a guide.


The price for the first visit is $165. At that time I do an evaluation, provide you with estimates for optional work, do a pitch correction (if necessary) and tune the piano. If a full-range pitch correction is not necessary I charge less.


Tuning $110
Pitch Correction  $20-$100
Repairs $75 per hour
Soundboard Cleaning  $100-$150
Climate Control Installation - Grand $650
Climate Control Installation - Large Grand $800
Climate Control Installation - Vertical $450
Vertical Action Reconditioning and Regulation $750
Key Bushings replaced $350
Evaluations $100

what's new

At the end of last year I went into the studio to record six of my big band arrangements.  We are now in the process of mixing the recordings.  I'll keep you posted on our progress.

I've been attending the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop since September and as a result I have some new compositions/arrangements for big band.  I'll make them available soon. 

I have a new arrangement for Big Band available on the Store page titled No More, No Less. This is a jazz ballad featuring alto saxophone.  Recently, I got a chance to hear it played by The Water Gap Jazz Orchestra.  They sounded great and I was pleased with the chart.  It is based on an assignment given to me by Phil Woods. Unfortunately, he never got to hear it. That's what happens when you wait 30 years to do your homework. No More, No Less is a tribute to the master, Phil Woods.



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