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I am the musical director for jazz cabaret singer, Katie Eagleson who happens to be my wife.  Most of the time I play piano for her but when we expand the band beyond a rhythm section I switch to saxophone.  I studied piano for a while with Tom Lawton, focusing on voicing, comping and accompaniment skills.  Katie and I started performing as a duo in 1990 and have been working on the project since then.  She has recorded three full length CDs and has done many live shows in the Philadelphia area and recently in Florida.  Working with Katie is an extremely rewarding experience.  Audiences love her and the musicians that join us, such as Madison Rast and Grant MacAvoy are first rate.  Although we do perform in many private communities, we also self-promote live shows, as well as appear in public venues.  If you would like more information please visit Katie’s website.


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  • 02/28/2018
    Jennie's Catering - Philadelphia, PA
  • 03/01/2018
    Cafe Lava - Philadelphia, PA

what's new

The new CD - That Christmas Feeling is now available for purchase or download.  Special thanks to all of the great players who came into the studio with us to make this happen.

I have a new arrangement for Big Band available on the Store page titled No More, No Less. This is a jazz ballad featuring alto saxophone.  It is based on an assignment given to me by Phil Woods. Unfortunately, he never got to hear it. That's what happens when you wait 30 years to do your homework. No More, No Less is a tribute to the master, Phil Woods.



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